We the players and coaches (with the active support of the parents) of Purple Rain all-girl soccer club will strive to develop our skills on and off the playing field, as individuals and as a team, focused on the joy of playing the game of soccer, towards positive personal growth and as an example for our community.

The Club Organization

The Purple Rain Soccer Club is a member of the TN Soccer and the US Club Soccer Associations. We recently became an independent soccer club who will operate under a 501(c)(3). For many years, we played under the Koinonia Soccer Association who is the largest independent soccer association in Shelby County.  The origin of the club name “Puple Rain” dates back to the mid 1990s when on a rainy day a group of girls who loved the color purple decided to name their team “Purple Rain.” Since, the Club has continued to grow and has been managed by coaches and parents who have devoted their time and talent to develop some of the region’s leading soccer players. The club continues to grow and currently rosters over 15 teams from the ages of 8 and 18.    

The Club Philosophy

Purple Rain is dedicated to recruit and develop young players who want to learn to play the beautiful game of soccer.  As a player-centered club, we use the game of soccer as an opportunity to teach physical and technical skills while encouraging academic and social development. In developing our players, we encourage continuous involvement of the community of parents, coaches, and players. The club emphasizes “sisterhood” and respect between our players, club teams, competing teams and the greater community.    

The Club Strategy

The Purple Rain All-Girl Soccer Club aspires to be an outstanding female athletic organization that provides a high-quality life-time experience to each individual player. The club is inclusive and every female athlete should:

·         Be coached based on the principles of Positive Coaching;

·         Have fun practicing and playing the game of soccer;

·         Understand her role as a team player and offer support and encouragement to her teammates;

·         Develop sportsmanship and a respect for the game;

·         Enjoy learning the fundamental skills, tactics, and strategies related to the game of soccer;

·         Develop self-esteem and confidence;

·         Believe in themselves and strive to improve all aspects of their game continually.

The quality experience each girl enjoys provides opportunities for our female athletes to learn “life-lessons” and values beyond the game of soccer.  

The Club Purpose

To achieve our mission, the coaches, staff, athletes, and parents are committed to creating and nourishing a positive club culture within a challenging and exciting sporting environment. The ultimate purpose of the club is to facilitate constructive and cooperative relationships within individuals, the team, local soccer leagues and officials so that soccer represents a positive role and a joyful life experience for all young female athletes who choose at an early age to play the game of soccer.